The royal town of Uherské Hradiště was founded by Přemysl Otakar II in 1257 with the aim of securing the southeastern border of the Czech kingdom againsi destructive raids. From the middle of the l4th ceniury it was fortified with a stone wall which was continously improved in the following centuries.
In the middle ages Uherské Hradiště was one of the most prominent Moravian towns. Its most important period was at the end of the l5th and the beginning of the lóth centuries, especially under ihe rule of George of Poděbrady. For the loyalty which the town showed to the Czech governor during the time of the wars with the Hungarians, Mathew Korvin granted Uherské Hradiště a new coat-of-arms and ihe right to seal documents with red wax.
The following centuries saw many hostile invasions and military clashes. To the sufferings of war were added the effecis of frequent fires and epidemics. All these were reflected not only in ihe lives of the inhabitants but also in the architectural style. The town kept its strategic role until the abolition of the fortress in 1782.
During the 19th century when it became a town of many institutions, it developed and spread beyond its original walls and graduallygained its current look.

Uherské Hradiště - a city that lies in the fertile wold of the Morava river, which is shielded by woody slopes of the Chřiby hills from the West, and White Carpathians from the East, in the middle of viniferous country inhabited by industrious and kind people. The city, rightfully referred to as the metropolis of Moravian Slovakia, boasts an interesting history, wealth of sights and monuments, historical tradition, a large number of tourist attractions in its vicinity as well as finely preserved countryside of its surroundings. Since long ago, the pilgrims´ steps have lead here for the moments of rest and serenity as well as joy of enlightenment. The hospitality of the royal town has always been well-known and attracted many artists to visit - painters, poets, writers and composers. All those who have visited the city left it later with an ineffaceable memory. You too, please do accept our invitation to the royal city of Uherské Hradiště. You will not only learn about its history and monuments, but also experience its rich cultural life. We can advise you where to enjoy sports, open the doors of restaurants and wine cellars for you, and offer you tips for hiking in the city´s surroundings. It will please us to know that you have enjoyed yourselves in our city and that you will fell the need to come back again.

Football stadium Uherské Hradiště (my pictures)
Uherské Hradiště - January 2006 (my pictures)
Pictoria of Czech Cup Final 2005

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